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in Safety-pin

Shanghai Shen Vectra company independently Design And production for the 780,920,1150,1370,1550,1660 mm width specifications SQZK, SQZX Series Cutter Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical parts of strong principle and structure are basically the same. The main body and the knife by the front frame parts, worm gear box parts, press the paper parts, table parts, hydraulic tank components, strong electrical boxes and computers or digital devices these major components.

Order to better know our customers, to grasp and understanding of equipment performance, ease of maintenance and maintenance of equipment, combined with our technical data according to years of practical experience briefly the common failure of several major components, for the user study and reference.

One rack, cutter bodies 1. The safety pin, also known as electronic lock knife, its main role is to prevent slip due to mechanical failure resulting in the knife phenomenon, sub-external and built-in two.

Cutting knife safety pin must be action every time (that is external when the safety pin to the back under the knife, knife picks up again, to stretch forward; built-in safety pin brought up under the knife when the knife picks up again, fall), now In addition to 1860mm above the product specification also uses an external electronic lock knife, the rest have to switch to built-in. If you press the button with both hands to press the paper machine under pressure, the safety pin back or not filed, the reasons for machinery may be due to the safety pin hole with the piston and improper or lacking fuel (external); stop falling knife lock knife rod and connector shaft hole with the inappropriate (built-in) so that movement of the result, through appropriate amendments and lubricating solution, until very flexible pulling up by hand. The causes of electrical fuse can check whether the burn, whether it be the safety pin electrical coil (DC about 50V), please check the strong electric box bridge were the whole of the AC and DC voltage, and measure the safety pin is shorted or disconnected coil, If external safety pins, safety pins to check the device's S21 (model 831600) micro-switch is to be nylon wheel to suppress; built-in safety pin, knife lock rod to check whether the normal reset, up and down the two close switch (S type) or micro-switch (N type) is functioning and were in the open, co-state, but also check whether the action itself, the safety pin magnet flexible magnet have been obtained if the electrical safety pins, but still can not pull so, so most of the safety pin solenoid coil is broken, need to be replaced.

In SQZK series models, the safety pin has been changed to built-in, no longer exposed. It must be noted that in models with N, the safety pin switch using a micro switch, the non-N models, the safety pin switch using the E2E-X4MD1 contactless proximity switch. Built-in safety pin of the solenoid coil for the vertical installation, the knife come before the safety pin coil power, cutter rod is pulled up, knife to smooth down once in a knife cutting cycle slip phenomenon appears, because of this Had the coil when the safety pin and knife rod electric whereabouts of cutter supporting bar will withstand the knife bed to prevent knife at the top right of the stairs and down the bed, play a security role. So if the button press hands, press the paper machine down, but the knife could not down the right side should first remove the rack long casing, check whether the safety pin machine tool movements normal absorption merger, whether the upper and lower proximity switch work. Also in ensuring the safety case, pressing the button with both hands while pressing the knife hand tail of the lock rod, artificially to action, this time under the knife if normal, then it is definitely the coil electronic lock knife broken down.

2. Are used in models with digital display is a new type of optoelectronic protective devices, it has an error code indicator. SPGE20 emission unit (right) green light: yellow light emission normal directions: power-on instruction SPGE20 receiver unit (left) the green light: the output of non-alarm status indicator red light: yellow light output alarm status indicators: power connection through direct reception of digital control role:

1) from the school goes wrong, display an error message.

2) work, beam block, the display block location, for example, the second road block when the live show 2, and so on.

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On Common Faults Paper Cutter (1)

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